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        • Talent standard
          Have a strong desire to work,
          Also has outstanding work ability,
          Both ability and political integrity.
        • The basic concept of human resource management
          Respect people, motivate people, and develop people.
          The first requirement of talent
          Be a good person beforehand, and be a self-cultivator.
        • The way to choose people
          Good ideology and morality;
          Good learning ability;
          Good communication skills; good body.
        • The way to educate people
          Through continuous training and learning,
          Update knowledge and improve quality,
          Achieve learning and use.
        • The way to use people
          Trust employees and respect employees,
          Think of talent as the most important thing for the company Wealth.
        • The way to keep people
          Career, emotion,
          Salary and benefits are fundamental to retaining people.